Wednesday, September 20, 2017

When the media acted as a propaganda tool for the Obama regime waging a campaign to discredit its successor

Don Surber writes,
...The war on terrorism – not political spying – was the reason Congress increased the power of the National Security Agency to monitor domestic communications.

The press did not wish to report. Reporters preferred to report on what officials said were in the wiretapped transcripts rather than on the wiretapping itself. The crazy-like-a-fox president used Twitter to force them to cover the issue. His inexact tweets were a trap. Fools rush in.

...But the information did not stay within national security agencies. We know this because intelligence agencies leaked the information to the Times for its Inauguration Day front-page story on the wiretapping itself. Far from being a member of a free press, the Times acted as a propaganda tool for a past regime waging a campaign to discredit its successor. Other news organizations followed the lead of the Times.
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When a cop tries to do his job

Barry Latzer reports at City Journal,
On July 17, 2014, in what normally would have been a routine action, police arrested an illegal street vendor. He resisted arrest, and police wrestled him to the ground. Given his poor health—he was asthmatic, obese (395 pounds), and suffered from heart disease—that resistance proved a fatal error. The vendor suffered cardiac failure in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, where he died.
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Eavesdropping on the political opposition: the crime of the century!

Daniel Greenfield writes at Front Page Magazine,
...Desperate Obama cronies had figured out that they could bypass many of the limitations on the conventional investigations of their political opponents by ‘laundering’ them through national security.

If any of Trump’s people were talking to non-Americans, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) could be used to spy on them. And then the redacted names of the Americans could be unmasked by Susan Rice, Samantha Power and other Obama allies. It was a technically legal Watergate.

...Furthermore, the Obama espionage operation closely tracked Trump’s political progress. The first FISA request targeting Trump happened the month after he received the GOP nomination. The second one came through in October: the traditional month of political surprises meant to upend an election.

The spying ramped up after Trump’s win when the results could no longer be used to engineer a Hillary victory, but would instead have to be used to cripple and bring down President Trump. Headed out the door, Rice was still unmasking the names of Trump’s people while Obama was making it easier to pass around raw eavesdropped data to other agencies.

Obama had switched from spying on a political opponent to win an election to spying on his successor to undo the results of the election. Abuse of power by a sitting government had become the subversion of the government by an outgoing administration. Domestic spying on opponents had become a coup.

The Democrat scandals of the past few administrations have hinged on gross violations of political norms, elementary ethics and the rule of law that, out of context, were not technically illegal.

But it’s the pattern that makes the crime. It’s the context that shows the motive.

...When we learn the whole truth (if we ever do), we will likely discover that Obama Inc. assembled a motley collection of different technically legal pretexts to spy on Trump’s team.

Each individual pretext might be technically defensible. But together they add up to the crime of the century.

Obama’s gamble was that the illegal surveillance would justify itself. If you spy on a bunch of people long enough, especially people in politics and business, some sort of illegality, actual or technical, is bound to turn up. That’s the same gamble anyone engaged in illegal surveillance makes.

Businessmen illegally tape conversations with former partners hoping that they’ll say something damning enough to justify the risk. That was what Obama and his allies were doing with Trump.

It’s a crime. And you can’t justify committing a crime by discovering a crime.

If everyone were being spied on all the time, many crimes could be exposed every second. But that’s not how our system works. That’s why we have a Fourth Amendment.

Nor was Obama Inc. trying to expose crimes for their own sake, but to bring down the opposition.

The first and foremost agenda must be to assemble a list of Trump officials who were spied on and the pretexts under which they were spied upon. The pattern will show the crime. And that’s what Obama and his allies are terrified of. It’s why Flynn was forced out using illegal surveillance and leaks. It’s why McMaster is protecting Susan Rice and the Obama holdovers while purging Trump loyalists at the NSC.

...If the gamble fails, if no criminal case that amounts to anything more than the usual investigational gimmick charges like perjury (the Federal equivalent of ‘resisting arrest’ for a beat cop) develops, then Obama and his allies are on the hook for the domestic surveillance of their political opponents.

That’s the race against the clock that is happening right now. Either the investigation gets results. Or its perpetrators are left hanging in the wind. If McMaster is fired, which on purely statistical grounds he probably will be, and a Trump loyalist who wasn’t targeted by the surveillance operation becomes the next National Security Adviser and brings in Trump loyalists, as Flynn tried to do, then it’s over.

And the Dems finally get their Watergate. Except the star won’t be Trump, it will be Obama. Rice, Power, Lynch and the rest of the gang will be the new Haldeman, Ehrlichman, and Mitchell.

Once Obama and his allies launched their domestic surveillance operation, they crossed the Rubicon. And there was no way back. They had to destroy President Trump or risk going to jail.

The more crimes they committed by spying on the opposition, the more urgently they needed to bring down Trump. The consequences of each crime that they had committed spurred them on to commit worse crimes to save themselves from going to jail. It’s the same old story when it comes to criminals.

...Obama and his allies had violated the norms so often for their policy goals that they couldn’t afford to be replaced by anyone but one of their own. The more Obama relied on the imperial presidency of executive orders, the less he could afford to be replaced by anyone who would undo them. The more his staffers lied and broke the law on everything from the government shutdown to the Iran nuke sellout, the more desperately they needed to pull out all the stops to keep Trump out of office. And the more they did it, the more they couldn’t afford not to do it. Abuse of power locks you into the loop familiar to all dictators. You can’t stop riding the tiger. Once you start, you can’t afford to stop.

...A turning point in history is here.

If Obama goes down, the left will go down with him. If his coup succeeds, then America ends.
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It's a conspiracy!

Prosecutors: Anthony Weiner Should Spend Two Years in Prison

That'll keep him from masturbating, I figure.

From the New York Post: Weiner knew damn well she was a minor.

Legal papers filed ahead of Weiner’s sentencing next week say the serial sexter took part in three video chat sessions via Skype during which the girl "made clear that she was not just a minor -- she was, in fact, only ​​15 years old."
"That did not stop Weiner," the feds wrote.

And Rachel Maddow created a conspiracy theory claiming that all of this crap -- the initial disclosure of the sexts, back in 2011 -- was a forgery by right-wingers. And, by the way, her conspiracy theory resulted in many innocent people, including myself, getting targeted by harassers, stalkers, and death-threat anonymous emailers.

She's never paid a price for that -- she's never even been asked about it by any of her media buddies who claim to be so opposed to conspiracy theories and the downstream damage they may cause.

Planned Parenthood's baby-killing operations

Alexandra DeSanctis reports at National Review,
It has been one year since the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released its first undercover video, revealing compelling evidence that Planned Parenthood has been illegally selling the body parts of aborted babies to the fetal-tissue industry.

In January, President Obama vetoed a bill that would have forbidden taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood. But the House Select Investigative Panel — formed last October in response to CMP’s videos — has been conducting extensive investigations into the organization’s practices. Yesterday, the panel released an interim report confirming, with extensive evidence, the CMP video footage, and finding that Planned Parenthood and its affiliates have broken several federal laws — including the NIH Revitalization Act of 1993, a federal statute prohibiting the acquisition, reception, or transfer of fetal tissue for monetary considerations. The panel report provides nearly incontrovertible proof that the organization consistently engaged in this very type of fetal-tissue trafficking.

From the panel’s report: Furthermore, in 2010, affiliates were asked to ensure that at least one of their clinics perform abortions. According to a Planned Parenthood fact sheet, for every adoption referral they make, they perform about 340 abortions.

The panel also discovered evidence that Planned Parenthood outfits across the country committed Medicaid fraud, filing claims under the umbrella term “family planning services,” which was frequently used to cover abortion.
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Planned Parenthood is teaching a "Reproductive Science" class all week in our daughter's 8th-grade science class. Our daughter opted out. She wants to read this article to the class.

Manhattan Infidel's exclusive interview with Pope Francis

Manhattan Infidel has another exclusive interview, this time with Pope Francis. They cover everything from super-intelligent aliens to 100 watt light bulbs here.

Protecting the rights of the gender fluid, abolishing private property, and avoiding crappy subways

Manhattan Infidel scored another exclusive interview, this time with New York Mayor William de Blasio, who shared with Manhattan Infidel his priorities for the city.
My subjects agree that protecting the rights of the gender fluid is the most important issue facing New York today.

MI: Even more important than our crappy subways?

WWJ: [Sigh] I grow bored with your bourgeois prattling. I want to talk about my plans to abolish private property.
The interview went downhill after that. But you can still read it here.

Hillary's exclusive interview with Manhattan Infidel

Failed presidential candidate was in Manhattan the other day, so, of course, she stopped by the headquarters of Manhattan Infidel for an unplanned interview. She just wanted him to know why she lost the election. You can read it here.

Let's ban it!

Democrats have had it!
The Democratic Party (“The Party”) today added the Declaration of Independence to its Index of Prohibited Books, joining The Bible (anti-gender fluidity), the Adventures of Tom Sawyer (the “N” word) and anything written by Stephen King (too scary).

“For too long we have tolerated this document” said Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Frankly, I do a better job of being Christlike than Christ Himself.”

From the Babylon Bee:
SEATTLE, WA—After reading several chapters from the gospels over the weekend, local progressive believer Wendy Butler reportedly published a Patheos blog post in which she criticized Jesus of Nazareth for “not being very Christlike.”

The blog post took Jesus to task for His “unloving and problematic” teachings.

“He devotes entire sections of His sermons to ranting about archaic religious concepts like hell and the last judgment instead of just coming alongside the marginalized and affirming their sins,” Butler said. “Very little of what He did on earth I would describe as life-giving. Frankly, I do a better job of being Christlike than Christ Himself.”

The woman was also agitated to find that Jesus didn’t devote any of His time recorded in the Scriptures to advocating for government-subsidized healthcare or women’s abortion rights.

“He had a few good things to say about loving our neighbors, but the bad outweighs the good in Jesus’ teachings, if we’re looking at things honestly here,” her essay continued. “He really needed to ask Himself, ‘What would Jesus do?’ more often, and then He’d have devoted a lot more of His time to social justice, like me.”

At publishing time, a horrified Butler had discovered the description of the Redeemer coming in His wrath in Revelation 19.

Maria heads for Puerto Rico

After being hit with $1 billion in damages from Irma, Puerto Rico is directly in the path of Hurricane Maria, which is now a Category 5 storm. Bloomberg has this very sad report here.

Decepticons Walk Among US

Guest post
by Suzann Darnall

I see so much harm right now in our society that is being caused by deceit. Deceit can take many forms and is currently running rampant in our world. Not that deceit has not been with us from the beginning. It most certainly has! But, at least it used to have to cower a bit more in the shadows rather than right out there in full view, still not being condemned.

The basic definition of deceit is “the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth. It can also be called misleading, fraud, duplicity, cheating, falseness, trick, or stratagem. Theft usually goes along arm-in-arm with deceit. Obscurity, denial, and omission are frequently used in conjunction with acts of deceit, too.

In the biblical scripture John 8:44 we are told, in reference to the devil, “. . . He . . . abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” Satan well and truly was the first decepticon among us. Con Artists, liars, and thieves have learned well from his example.

One prime example I have seen this past couple of weeks is the fraud of “charities”. So many of the organizations people trust to help others have turned out to just be groups bent on raking in the big bucks and hanging on to them. Thankfully there have also been those true charities and volunteers who have actually stepped up to the plate to give both time and money to help following the disasters of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Along with this, I am grateful that the social media aspect of the Internet is really helping expose those who are in it for their greed and not someone else’s need!

There is also the ever-present corruption of politics. It seems we will never rid ourselves or our governments of those who are perfectly willing to lie, cheat, and steal rather than protect and serve. What makes it even more dangerous in this day and age in America is that they now have the full and active complicity of the so-called “free-press” or mainstream media to spread their lies or cover them up, whichever is most needful at the time. Thankfully this is another place where we also have social media and various blogs that are managing to get the truth out there for folks to see.

I cannot possibly cover all the ways deceit is practiced by people. But, I can mourn that it is ever seeming to be more and more acceptable. People can now practice it in the full light of day and need not hide in the dark of night. All too often it is just excused as being “the way things are done” and “we can’t really do anything about it”.

Well, I say we can do something about it. We can quit supporting charities, politicians, and companies who lie, cheat, and steal. We can go back to teaching our children right from wrong. We can again admit that the concepts of “good” or “evil” exist. We can choose to serve God while acknowledging the existence of Satan. We can choose to be ethical and moral. We can embrace higher standards. We can transform ourselves into something better. I know I would prefer to be a transformer and not a decepticon!


Trumps speech, valuing truth

Count Andrew Klavan as another person loving Donald Trump's speech today. He spends the first half of today's show on it.

Dr. Edward Feser has written a book entitled The Last Superstition. It is a refutation of the new atheism. He also has a new book called Five Proofs of the Existence of God.

Andrew mentions to Dr. Feser that we now live in a society that doesn't value truth, but even tells you that you are virtuous if you lie! I think he was referring to transgenderism.

Dr. Feser talks about design in nature, objective purpose, meaning, value. Do we live in a clockwork world of meaningless particles in motion? Is the world just a meaningless machine of meaningless particles in motion?

A speech of blunt truths!

Rush was thrilled, excited, and proud of President Trump's bold speech to the UN today. John Bolton agreed.
Rush observed, "Reality (Trump) is always much more compelling than narrative (Obama)."

Trump inspired Rush to go on a patriotic splurge. "The main problem in the world is the unequal distribution of freedom. The unequal distribution of capitalism. The overdistribution of socialism and communism." Other world leaders don't dare allow freedom in their countries, because they fear not being elected!

"Rocketman's on a suicide mission!"

Rush cites an opinion piece by Heather MacDonald in today's Wall Street Journal. Two law professors wrote an OpEd in a Philadelphia newspapers stressing these values:
“Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard, and avoid idleness. . . . Eschew substance abuse and crime.” The weakening of these traditional norms has contributed to today’s low rates of workforce participation, lagging educational levels and widespread opioid abuse, the professors argued.

The professors caught hell from their academic employers.

Read more here.

American economic and military superiority has historically kept the peace, even as China and Russia have been our enemies.

If only Hillary were the subject of an aggressive investigation such as is taking place with Mueller going after Paul Manafort. The New York Times applauds Mueller's "shock and awe tactics" to intimidate Mr. Manafort. Rush wonders if Mueller's team is looking to flip somebody against Trump. Wiretapping Manafort/Trump conversations? Manafort had an apartment in Trump Towers. The Obama FBI wiretapped the head of a political campaign (Manafort). They picked the lock in July on his home while he and his family slept, and then told him they were going to indict him, after rifling through his papers. Sounds to me like they were trying to flip him.

Rush: "What the government did in the Obama presidency was way worse than what Nixon did in Watergate. Nixon did not use the IRS to intimidate his enemies. Nixon did not use the FBI to defeat a political opponent.

Planned Parenthood Week

It is Planned Parenthood Week at our 8th-grade daughter's school. Students can choose to opt out. She did, and was the only one. To punish her, her science teacher made her go to a 7th-grade math class. We are going to reward her for her courage in standing up for her beliefs against abortion. We are going to take her to a place in Albuquerque that helps women who choose life for their babies. Albuquerque has the highest rate of late-term abortions in the U.S.

Mexican volcano erupts

Explosion: Popocatépetl, a volcano in Mexico, erupted around 2.30am on Monday sending ash and smoke nearly two miles into the sky.

The plume covered an area home to approximately 25 million people in the area of Puebla, Mexico. The thick smoke and ash have since caked the city in white dust.

Officials have warned locals to wear masks to avoid inhaling the dangerous ash and dust released from the Popocatépetl volcano on Monday

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Amazon deleting unfavorable reviews of Hillary's deplorable book

CBS is the Only Network to Report That Amazon Has a Coordinated Partisan Effort to Delete One-Star Reviews of Hillary's Deplorable Book
One fun point: Norah O'Donnell reports, with great satisfaction I'm sure, that Hillary's deplorable book has a five star average on Amazon, not apparently realizing they just reported Amazon is zapping all the unfavorable reviews.

And by the way, I've seen people complaining that two star reviews are being zapped too

AntiFa: The media's favorite protesters

Antifa Members On Trial in France for Firebombing a Police Car with Cops Inside of It

Yeah, I remember seeing pictures of the Normandy invasion force setting cop cars on fire and attacking cops with sticks.

This report says that among the antifa on trial is an American a transgender calling himself "Kara B."

Sure seem to be a lot of transgenders in antifa.

Antifa got angry that cops were protesting "anti-cop hatred," and decided to show how silly cops were by setting a cop car on fire with cops inside of it. And then physically attacking them when they exited the burning vehicle.

Remember, this is the group the media has vouched for repeatedly.

"Anything that divides the dividers is a good thing!"

JJ Sefton writes at Ace of Spades,
In news from the insurrection, Nancy "Different Strokes" Pelosi had to flee her own press conference when the illegal aliens she and her party have used as weapons to destroy us turned their aim on her. It's funny to see frauds like Pelosi who are always controlling these media Potemkin Village pseudo-events look like total fools when they blow up in their faces. They have no one to blame but themselves. After almost two years of portraying Donald Trump as "literally Hitler" the mindless droogs look at Pelosi and Schumer dealing with him as a stab in the back. Good. And with Comrade Bernie threatening to run in 2020 as an independent Commie, anything that divides the dividers is a good thing. Too bad we have no political party to take advantage of that.
Read more here.

I don't think you really want my help

"In over 30 years of my experience with the UN, I never heard a bolder or more courageous speech!"

Ace of Spades compiles some highlights of President Trump's speech to the United Nations General Assembly today.
Trump at the UN: Key Quotes

On North Korea and Iran:

"The United States has great patience and strength, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will totally destroy North Korea," he said.
"'Rocket man' is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime," Trump added of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. "The United States is ready, willing and able, but hopefully this will not be necessary."

"No one has shown more contempt for other nations and the well-being of their own people than the depraved regime of North Korea. It is an outrage that some nations would trade with such a regime."

Trump also took aim at Iran, calling the global deal regarding its nuclear weapons program "an embarrassment to the United States."

"The Iranian regime's support for terror is in stark contrast to the recent commitments of several of its neighbors to halt the funding of and fighting terrorism," he said. "Oppressive regimes can not endure forever. And the day will come when people will face a choice."

On Venezuela:

"[President Nicolas] Maduro has inflicted terrible pain and suffering on good people of his country," Trump said during a speech before the United Nations General Assembly. "The United States has taken important steps to hold the regime accountable. We are prepared to take further action if the government of Venezuela persists on its path to impose authoritarian rule on the Venezuelan people."
He added, "The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented," which garnered little applause from the world body.

"I ask every country represented here today to be prepared to do more to address this very real crisis," Trump said. "We call for the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in Venezuela."

He also added:

"From the Soviet Union to Cuba, Venezuela -- wherever through socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish, devastation, and failure. Those who preach the tenets of these discredited ideologies only contribute to the continued suffering of the people who live under these cruel systems. America stands with every person living under a brutal regime."
Benjamin Netanyahu was effusive about the speech:

"In over 30 years of my experience with the UN, I never heard a bolder or more courageous speech," Netanyahu tweeted.
President Trump spoke the truth about the great dangers facing our world ... and issued a powerful call to confront them in order to ensure the future of humanity."

Monday, September 18, 2017

It is official: Laura Ingraham to Fox News prime time

JIm Stinson reports at Lifezette,
Laura Ingraham, the founder and editor-in-chief of LifeZette and longtime host of the nationally syndicated “Laura Ingraham Show,” will soon host her own Fox News show during the 10 p.m. prime-time slot.

The live show, to be titled “The Ingraham Angle,” will debut October 30.
Read more here.

Making sure that leftists learn to hate their new rules

In Kurt Schlichter's latest column at Town Hall, he gives credit to Saul Alinsky, which I rarely see conservatives do.
Alinksy was right – we must hold our enemies to their own stupid standards, and that's especially true if it's a newly-invented standard designed only to silence and suppress us conservatives. We must take their new rules, roll them up real tight, and ram them down the left's collective collectivist throat, if not elsewhere.

...They make it easy for us by being so ridiculous. Are women the strong, powerful equals of men, or fragile flowers who wilt at the mere mention of lady parts? It depends on which one is the most useful to the liberal narrative right then and there. Can you talk about lady parts? Apparently the new rule is that you can't, at least in the normal context of heterosexual men citing the parts that they like. But if you want to wear a gynecological sombrero on your pointy head, apparently that's muy bueno.

Part of the strategy behind the new rules is to not actually have any firm rules, to make you so uncertain and timid that you're unwilling to take any action because anything you do, at any time, can be a violation of a rule that didn't exist 30 seconds before. If you do talk about female body parts, you're wrong because you're insulting womyn, and if you don't talk about female body parts, you're wrong because you are invisibling womyn. Basically, if you don't have any female body parts, you're just wrong all of the time. Unless you have fake female body parts and betrayed your country; then you are America's greatest hero and a martyr to Harvard's infamous legacy of transphobia. Or something.

... Since they are establishing new rules, there's nothing wrong with applying them to our advantage. Take the example of that drooling moron on ESPN...wait I need to be more specific. I mean that particular drooling moron who recently tweeted about how Trump is a white supremacist because reasons and stuff, and thereby drew demands that she be fired from some conservatives. Smug, dumb libs started tut-tutting that "Oh, conservatives are now for firing people when they didn't used to be." Well, yeah. See, you changed the rules. The rule used to be that you can't be fired for what you say or think. But that's not the rule anymore, thanks to you liberals. Just ask that guy who was at Mozilla or that heretic who thinks men and women are different and got fired from Google. Sure, we were against the new rule, but you used your cultural power through the media, the Democrat party, and your corporate coward allies to impose it. So we are not hypocrites for employing the rule that exists now, thanks to you. And we hope you choke on it.

...Normal people naturally understand that there can't be two sets of rules, one for us normals, and one for you America-hating, alternately perverted and prudish, progressive weirdos.

But because some of us are fighting back we cons may actually be winning the cultural war, as Jim Geraghty points out. That delusional freakshow/traitor Bradley Manning got kicked out of Harvard and will no longer be a fellow, which we all thought was what he wanted all along. College man-witch burnings are being banned, and Ben Shapiro has forced the adminofascist university cartel to let him speak. ESPN is now telling its reporters that's not a political channel, which is a giant lie, but at least widespread unplugging of the MSNBC of Sports has compelled the network to try to front neutrality to the normals.

...Deliberately imposing new rules has emerged as one of the left’s most effective tactics for silencing normals’ dissent, and the first step toward stopping it is making sure that leftists learn to hate their new rules.
Read more here.

Dreamers call Pelosi a liar

Riya Bhattacharjee reports at NBC Bay Area,
Several dozen young immigrants shouted down the top Democrat in the U.S. House, following her recent conversations with President Donald Trump over the future of a program that grants many of them legal status.

"We are immigrant youth, undocumented and unafraid," they chanted, taking over a scheduled press conference where Pelosi, along with Reps. Barbara Lee and Jared Huffman, was expected to call for the immediate passage of the Dream Act, a federal proposal that was never approved by Congress but offered many of the same protections as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.

At one point, the group called Pelosi a liar. "It's clear you don't want any answers," Pelosi told the group. "It's clear." Pelosi then walked out of the press conference and told reporters outside, "They don't want the Dream Act."
Watch the "Dreamers" confront Pelosi here.

James Woods finds the only two people not responsible for Hillary's losing the election

The rituals of terrorism, IRS, Kim Jong Un

'We are being enjoined to get used to it!" "We are being taught to hold candles, put a sorrowful expression on your faces and tilt your head slightly." "Sing Imagine." If you're a politician, you stand up and say, "these attacks will not change the way we live! Except, they have changed the way we live!"

What is the next stage after diversity? Homogeneity! Muslim (In Europe). Ethnic Swedes will be a minority in their own country by mid-century.

The Obama administration weaponized the IRS. The IRS has far too many powers. But if they are going to have those powers, the least we can expect is that they, too, are subject to the law, and they are not beyond the law! How does Koskinen still hold the job as head of IRS in the Trump administration?

Mark does not believe Kin Jong Un is bluffing, nor does he think he is insane. He saw what happened to Colonel Khadafi, who gave up his weapons of mass destruction, and was then brutally murdered. The military and economic solutions don't appear to Mark to be viable. "Sooner or later, they'll hit something. Then we'll respond."

If you were going to be stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life, which five songs would you like to take with you?

"Sweetie, please just be gay!"

Creating a good first impression

Are you good at creating a good first impression? Brett and Kate McKay write at The Art of Manliness,
There are two components to creating a positive first impression: what you say (conversation) and how you act (body language).

...Nonverbal cues have 4X the impact on your impression than your words do. Thus, how you stand, sit, gesture, and generally hold yourself can either significantly enhance or detract from the overall first impression you make on others.

In order to make your body language a first impression booster, you want it to communicate 3 main things: openness, confidence, and interest.

Read much more here.

Your afternoon chocolate bar may be fueling climate change, destroying protected forests and threatening elephants, chimpanzees and hippos in West Africa, research suggests.

Eric Worrall reports at Watts Up With That,
The Chocolate Climate Worriers have switched tactics, from claiming that climate is going to kill all the cocoa plants, to claiming we should feel guilty about wanting chocolate in the first place. "New Research Suggests Cocoa Trade Fueling Climate Change"

Is your chocolate bar damaging the environment?
17/09/2017 8:07 AM AEST

LONDON, Sept 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Your afternoon chocolate bar may be fueling climate change, destroying protected forests and threatening elephants, chimpanzees and hippos in West Africa, research suggests.

Well-known brands, such as Mars and Nestle, are buying through global traders cocoa that is grown illegally in dwindling national parks and reserves in Ivory Coast and Ghana, environmental group Mighty Earth said.

“Every consumer of chocolate is a part of either the problem or the solution,” Etelle Higonnet, campaign director at Mighty Earth, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“You can choose to buy ethical chocolate. Or you’re voting with your dollar for deforestation.”

Mars and Nestle told the Thomson Reuters Foundation they are working to tackle deforestation.

“We take a responsible approach to sourcing cocoa and have committed to source 100 percent certified sustainable cocoa by 2020,” Mars said in an email.…

Ivory Coast, Francophone West Africa’s biggest economy, is the world’s top cocoa grower.

While the bulk of its 1 million cocoa farmers ply their trade legally, Washington-based Mighty Earth estimates about a third of cocoa is grown illegally in protected areas.
Read more here.
Eric writes,
My sympathy is with the illegal farmers. The political situation is horrendous, the report mentions the investigators were prevented from inspecting some regions because of an outbreak of fighting between government forces and rebels. Yet rather than jumping on a boat and becoming part of the global refugee problem, or growing drugs, those “illegal farmers” are trying to make the best of their miserable situation by cultivating cocoa.

We should be giving the farmers a break; but green-obsessed Westerners are stirring up trouble for these unfortunates, drawing the attention of corrupt Ivory Coast authorities to a pile of money they haven’t stolen yet, trying to stir up climate controversy against their product, and complaining that these desperately poor farmers should be more sensitive to the environment.

For shame. Let these farmers get on with their lives, with their courageous efforts to make a decent living, to create safety and security for their families in the midst of nightmare circumstances the like of which few of us will ever have to endure.

Iran pays $830 million a year to Hezbollah!

CBD writes at Ace of Spades,
Two years after the nuclear deal was signed by Iran and world powers, the Islamic Republic is reported to have boosted its financial support to Hezbollah to $800 million a year, a dramatic increase from the $200m. it was said to be giving its proxy when sanctions were in place.

It was absolute insanity to release funding to Iran, who has been supporting terrorism around the world, specifically targeted against America and Israel. Obama and his handlers were either profoundly ignorant of the reality of Iran's support for terror, or were well aware and simply chose to ignore it in some vanity-driven desire to be seen by the international peace community as important players in World PeaceTM. There is a third possibility, that they knew quite well that Hezbollah would be energized and funded, and that was part of the plan.
Read more here.

Punishing eldercare workers in California

Caliph-fornia has done it again. Georgi Boorman reports in PJ Media,
State representatives elected by the special, especially tan snowflakes of the Golden State have just passed the nation’s first state laws governing pronoun usage.

SB 219, which passed the State Assembly on September 12 and has already passed the Senate, proposes to fine or jail employees of long-term or intermediate care facilities who repeatedly and willfully refuse to use a preferred gender pronoun.

...violating this item in the patient’s “bill of rights” for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly would carry a fine of up to $1000 or a year in jail.

...Observers shouldn’t be shocked at this bill. California is merely adapting to the orthodoxy of the left a little faster than the rest of the country. Here, as with the case of Arlene’s Flowers in Washington and the mandate for abortion coverage in Oregon, we witness the rise of coercive rights. These aren’t the rights endowed by our Creator, since we have no Creator in this fiction we’ve contrived for ourselves. These are the rights we grant ourselves, that only exist in the context of another individual being forced to do something for us. In this case, it is forcing someone to either use pronouns that do not correspond to their intrinsic organic identity as male or female, or contrive their communication so as to refrain from using pronouns at all.

...It is an attack not just on freedom of speech, but on freedom of conscience and reality itself—and that is something every American should be zealous to protect.
Read more here.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Food for thought

hat tip Bookworm Room

Is Trump stabbing his supporters in the back? Blue pill, Red pill.

Is Trump stabbing his supporters in the back on the DACA issue? Do we care? Andrew just wants the rule of law to be enforced. Illegal immigration has been greatly reduced, although lately, it does seem to be on the rise again, from what I have read. Andrew believes Trump is getting the gears of government up and running again after eight years of Obama jamming things up.

Andrew lived in Europe seven years. He loved the layers of history to be found in Rome. He also loves London. There is nothing like the Alps in Switzerland.

Are you a man struggling with lust? Andrew's father gave him this advice: always remember that the female person you are talking to has a human being inside! She is not just a form and shape, but is a person with an entire universe inside!

Celebrities wrapped up in their bubble! Conservatism is now the voice of humor, especially on Twitter.

The Matrix: The blue pill: The entire world is an illusion. Human beings are being used to power machines. Democrats, to take power from you, give you the illusion you are living in a world of virtue if you espouse their agenda. People are posting videos on YouTube about taking the red pill, and thinking their own thoughts and forming their own beliefs, not following the advice of people who you thought cared for them.

Trump, Schumer, and Pelosi, Hillary's victimization book, Ben Shapiro speech

In his opening monolog, Greg confronts head-on the Trump Schumer Pelosi dinner date on DACA and the Dreamers.

"Hillary wrote a book, and she won't shut up about it! Neither will we!" Have you seen the commercial for Extra Strength Blamitol? It is awesome and begins at around the 13-minute mark in this tape.

People protesting Ben Shapiro's speech at Berkeley chanted, "Speech is violence...We will not be silent!" Police did not allow the protesters to wear masks. AntiFa puts on masks, and then commit acts of violence. Problem solved! Only nine arrests.

"A grand burlesque of mutual deception"

At PJ Media Spengler writes,
Starting in 2016 Germany absorbed over a million migrants, many of them victims of the Syrian civil war but also economic migrants from all over the Islamic world. Germany’s long-serving Chancellor Angela Merkel declared, “Wir schaffen es!” (“We can do it!”) and Germany mobilized to demonstrate its good-heartedness and generosity—not so much to the world, but to itself.

Tuvia Tenenbom is the Jewish world’s answer to the late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. ...Praised as an expression of German leadership and denounced as capitulation to Muslim invaders, the great migration is neither. In Tenenbom’s account, bored refugees eat bad food and contract skin rashes in the overcrowded, unsanitary facilities where the German government has dumped them. They are happy to complain to an Arabic-speaking journalist and spill their hopes and dreams—to marry a German blonde, to get rich, to get back to Syria or Afghanistan or Pakistan where they can find edible food. Most are just bored; a few are suicidal, but there is a one-year waiting list to see a German psychiatrist.

...Gradually, it dawns on the reader that the German body politic wants to show that Germany really has changed, and that the Germans have become responsible world-citizens rather than nasty nationalists—but without the trouble and expense of caring for a million and a half new dependents. Many of the refugees came to abuse what they imagined was German generosity, and instead found overcrowded camps, awful food, scary sanitation and, worst of all, nothing at all to do. It is a grand burlesque of mutual deception in which neither side appears particularly good or evil, but rather confused and feckless.

...If public officials are feckless, private business is hilarious. “Integration” is the hinge concept in the refugee issue. Germany’s native working-age population is declining due to its low birth rate and the government justified the refugee influx on the grounds that Germany needs more workers. No-one appears to be working, though; at every refugee camp Tenenbom visits—out-of-commission ships, airline hangars, provincial hotels—the new arrivals have nothing to do.

...“Hello Refugees” offers more subtlety and compassion: The Germans wanted to feel well about themselves, but end up feeling ridiculous; the migrants hoped for a new life under German sponsorship and find themselves utterly and hopelessly lost.

“Hello Refugees” was commissioned by the German publisher Suhrkamp. The English language edition appears largely self-published. It deserves better treatment, including more thorough proof-reading.
Read more here.


He defined liberalism in America

In GQ an article written by Michael Kelly in February 1990 about Teddy Kennedy when Kennedy was still an active US Senator is brought up out of the archives and linked to by Oregon Muse. Kennedy's personal life prominently featured
a childish belief that the rules of human behavior do not apply to himself, a casual willingness to place himself in compromising positions with an attractive young woman and, most probably, a reckless use of alcohol.

...There have been many theories advanced to explain Kennedy's behavior, all of which make much of the extraordinarily competitive and amoral atmosphere (especially as far as the treatment of women was concerned) in which the Kennedy boys were raised. As Garry Wills makes clear in his elegant The Kennedy Imprisonment, Ted Kennedy was born and bred to act like the last of the Regency rakes: to be a boor when it pleases him, to take what he wants, to treat women as score-markers in the game of sport-fucking and to revel in high-stakes risks. Joseph Kennedy Sr. flaunted his affairs in front of his wife and children, made crude passes at his sons' dates and well past his middle years was still chasing doxies. John Kennedy's mad womanizing—frolicking with nudettes in the White House swimming pool, banging a call girl in Lincoln's bed, carrying on barely secret affairs with admitted mobster girlfriend Judith Campbell Exner, with Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield—was beyond anything Teddy has ever done or, for that matter, anything anybody has ever done. Neither Joe nor Jack was punished by the church, state, or wife for such behavior—and the late-born Teddy, coming into the family when its adult behavior patterns were already mythologized, presumably figured that neither the rules of decency nor of retribution applied to a Kennedy. The boy grew to manhood without learning how to be an adult. His drinking suggests nothing so much as a frat boy on a toot. His actions with women seem to be more evidence, as writer Suzannah Lessard put it in 1979, of "a severe case of arrested development, a kind of narcissistic intemperance, a huge, babyish ego that must constantly be fed."

...A cosseted upbringing, a juvenile nature, a powerful sexual greed, the liberation of putting aside the White House, the arrogance of vanity inherent to a Kennedy, the tragedies of his life—they all play a big part too. But periodic excessive drinking does seem to be the catalyst that brings those forces together and releases them.

...Even a partial listing of the major bills in whose passage Kennedy has played a part is impressive. Whether you admire them or not, these are the measures that transformed—mostly liberalized—America in our time: the first Immigration Reform Act; the Voting Rights Act and its extensions; the Freedom of Information Act; the Gun Control Act; the Campaign Financing Reform law; the Comprehensive Selective Service Reform Act; the Eighteen-Year-Old Vote law; the Occupational Safety and Health Act; the War on Cancer bills; the recodification of federal criminal laws; the Bilingual Education Act; the Fair Housing Acts; the Age Discrimination Act; the Airline and Trucking Deregulation bills; the Job Training Partnership Act; the South African sanctions; and the Grove City Civil Rights Restoration Act.

...Kennedy has abandoned the costly Utopian reforms he pushed in the Seventies—such as government-financed universal health insurance and welfare payments that guaranteed an income above the poverty level for all—and now focuses on less-budget-busting programs. He is increasingly successful and increasingly prolific. The 100th Congress (1987-1988) was the best period he or almost any senator has ever had: Kennedy moved more than twenty major pieces of his own legislation through the Senate, including a comprehensive plan to assure medical care, support services and discrimination protection for people with AIDS.

...Kennedy's role in the Bork fight stems from and illustrates his overarching position in American politics. In a rare moment of irritation with the American Civil Liberties Union, the senator once said, "The ACLU thinks that it defines liberalism in the country. I define liberalism in this country." He was exaggerating only a little. In the religion of liberalism, Kennedy is the guardian of orthodoxy. He is the voice of the interest groups that define the Democratic Party; the black activists, the trade unions, the feminists, the environmentalists, the teachers' unions and the perennial progressives.

..."To be truly human," Ted Kennedy once said, "is to shape your own world." And he has, far more than most men dream of, done just that. He has made laws. He has been at the front of sweeping change, improving the lives of many people. He has helped perpetuate a dynasty. The truth is, however, the world shapes us far more than we shape it. The truth is, the forces of the world—the rules of primogeniture, the warp of genetics and the woof of environment, the killing power of bullets and the grip of alcohol—shaped Ted Kennedy and shape him still. It is the sad irony of his life that while he has wrought his will on the world at large he remains unable still to control his own life. He started out in this world dangling from strings held by his father and his brothers. They're gone now, but Teddy dangles still, dancing to the echoes of an old and tired tune.
Read more here.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

AntiFa thugs, Ben Shapiro, Hillary's blame game, and an eleven-year-old boy who mowed the Rose Garden lawn

What if Hillary would have worked as hard to win the election as she is in trying to sell her book? Hillary doubles down on "the deplorables." She even blames the New York Times! She says our president and some of the people around him pose a clear and present danger to our country! Jesse points out that "Clear and Present Danger" was the title of a movie in which a politician used the phrase "clear and present danger" to justify the CIA taking somebody out!

Watters interviews a sixteen-year-old running for governor in Kansas.

There is a segment on AntiFa. A reporter named Joe Pool says most of them are Communists.

You'll have a smile on your face after watching Jesse interview "FX," the eleven-year-old boy who mowed the Rose Garden lawn for President Trump this week.

Now they are going for the low-hanging fruit!

Andrew McCarthy writes at National Review, has been the fear of American and European counterterrorism officials that the routing of ISIS in Syria and Iraq would heighten the terrorist threat in Europe. Jihadists fleeing from their “caliphate” have been dispersing, and many are making their way back to the Western countries from whence they came. The problem, of course, is that these are quite motivated fighters who have received military training. Our own experience in the U.S. — much of it featured in evidence we presented in the terror trials of the Nineties — shows there is a great deal of prestige, in fundamentalist Islamic circles, attached to any Muslim who has fought in what the Blind Sheikh used to call “the fields of jihad”: Afghanistan, Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, and so on. So, these jihadists are not just competent when it comes to conducting attacks; they are also very effective inciters, recruiters, and fundraisers.

Jihad in the West has reached a new stage. For many years, terrorists aspired to major operations — spectacular strikes that required know-how, discipline, and coordination. We were able to say with confidence that if we focused on training — not just ideological fervor but whether the would-be militant had been to a jihadist camp — we would have a reasonably good handle on who posed a threat. This is why, for example, we amended immigration law after the 9/11 attacks to preclude from entry into the U.S. any alien suspected of receiving jihadist training.

Terrorist organizations like ISIS have encouraged sharia-supremacist Muslims to attack in place — i.e., where they live in the West — rather than come to Syria. We are thus seeing more of these ad hoc strikes that require little or no expertise to pull off. In the Nineties, we used to be ironically relieved that the jihadists always wanted to go for the big bang; 9/11-type attacks are horrific, but they are extremely tough to pull off, and there are usually opportunities (as there were with 9/11) to disrupt them. That’s why they so rarely succeed. We worried that someday it would dawn on these monsters that there is a great deal of low-hanging fruit out there (virtually indefensible targets, like subways and crowded streets) that would be easy to attack, almost no preparation or coordination required.

Now, they’re going for the low-hanging fruit.

In terms of what the wonks like to call the “threat mosaic,” we are now in straits more dangerous than ever. We have highly trained, competent jihadists who are capable of pulling off sophisticated strikes that could kill hundreds or thousands at once; and we have motivated would-be jihadists who have been encouraged to do the kind of crude attacks that are within their limited capabilities. The crude attacks, we are learning, are just as effective at stoking an atmosphere of intimidation as long as they happen with some regularity.

President Trump also tweeted, “The internet is [the ‘loser terrorists’] main recruitment tool.” Fair enough, but I would caution that we not underestimate the powerful influence of jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq. To my mind, moreover, the biggest challenge is the Islamist enclaves that have sprung up throughout the West (particularly in Europe), which are safe havens for jihadist incitement, recruitment, fundraising, and moral support. Coupled with the continuing stubborn determination of Western progressives (and the governments and institutions of opinion they dominate) to deny the fundamentalist-Islamic roots of terrorism, it has become increasingly difficult to, as the president says, “be proactive!”
Read more here.

Washing California streets with water containing bleach to combat the spread of Hepatitis A

Soumya Karlamangla reports in the LA Times,
Health officials in San Diego have scrambled for months to contain an outbreak of hepatitis A — vaccinating more than 19,000 people, putting up posters at bus stations and distributing hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes.

Despite those efforts, 16 people have died of the highly contagious virus in San Diego County and hundreds have become ill in what officials say is the nation’s second-largest outbreak of hepatitis A in decades.

Earlier this month, San Diego officials declared a public health emergency.

Though Los Angeles has so far escaped an outbreak, public health officials are hoping to head off a similar emergency. They say the virus could easily spread to Los Angeles because of its proximity to San Diego and the region’s large homeless population.

...In their efforts to get their outbreak under control, San Diego health officials have adopted a technique from L.A. that they hope will stop cases from spreading locally: washing the streets with water containing bleach.

“They didn’t have any outbreaks. We did. So we were like, ‘What’s going on there?’ ” said San Diego County public health officer Dr. Wilma Wooten. “That’s what we wanted to replicate here.”

Hepatitis A is transmitted through feces, either through close contact, often sexual, with an infected person or by eating contaminated foods. The virus can cause liver damage or even death, especially for people who already have other liver diseases, such as hepatitis B or C.

San Diego health officials first identified an outbreak in March, but traced the first case back to November.

Since November, 421 people in San Diego County have been infected with the virus, including the 16 who died, health officials said. Typically there are only two or three cases of hepatitis A per month in the county. The majority of those infected in the ongoing outbreak were either homeless or illicit-drug users, with cases concentrated in downtown San Diego and the cities of El Cajon, Santee and La Mesa, Wooten said.

...Workers have also visited homeless encampments and riverbeds to vaccinate thousands of people. Earlier this month they installed 40 hand-washing stations in areas of the city of San Diego with high homeless populations.

Unsanitary conditions make it more likely for hepatitis A to spread. A common way for the virus to be transmitted is when an infected person uses the bathroom and doesn’t wash their hands, experts say.
Read more here.

Shapiro is allowed to speak!

The University of California charged Ben Shapiro $600,000 for security at Berkley Thursday night?

The cops were allowed to do their jobs.

Delusional bubbles

Black Lives Matter protests in St. Louis.

Terror attack on a London train injures at least 29 people. Trump says radical Islamic terrorism will be eradicated from this planet. Did you know that if a dog is present when a terrorist dies, he won't get his rewards from Allah? Jillian identifies one of our problems: we are not doing enough to combat Islamic ideology online. There is a small, underfunded department in the State Department that is supposed to be leading this effort of cyberspace activity.

Oh, yes, there is Hillary's blame game tour. Jillian makes the point that it is the Democratic Party that needs to be asking the question "What Happened?" Hillary says Trump is a "clear and present danger." Juan Williams says, "I hear this all the time!" Greg Gutfeld says to Juan, "That's because you are in the same delusional bubble as she is!" (Another example of Scott Adams' persuasive influence on our thinking?)

Assassination chic continues unabated at CNN.

Cleveland Indians have the longest winning streak in Major League Baseball since the 1916 New York Giants!

Kudos to Mike Pompeo and Mike Morrell for standing up to Harvard, which has subsequently rescinded its "Fellow" proclamation to Chelsea Manning.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Telling the truth about why the South votes Republican

11-year-old mows White House lawn

Are you authentically living who you really are?

Atomic Betty writes,
...I wanted to write that book so badly. It was about the freedom we enjoy in this country about our right to pursue happiness. It was mostly a political book. The problem aside from being a big success phony, I realized pretty much all of politics was made up of phonies. Holy God, politics is like the mother ship of phonies. I learned 99.9% of all politicians don’t give a rat’s ass about your happiness. Then the lines became very blurred on who the good guys were. And I abandoned my book. (But there was this great chapter about the Foo Fighters I really wish you could have read. It was a thing of beauty.)

I started several other books since then. I didn’t finish any of them. It never felt “right”. But I’ve come to realize that writing isn’t always about when you feel like it. After reading Stephen King’s book On Writing, I felt my ass had sufficiently been kicked by the almighty, admittedly creepy, astonishingly talented, King of the modern publishing world. He wrote, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” As a matter of fact, reading about his journey, especially his struggle, was like a light shining through a cathedral’s stained glass window that before I had only stared at in the dark. Finally, I got it. It was crystal clear and it was beautiful.

...I just realized today, however, this is the book I was meant to write.

It’s about how real happiness in life is found when we are authentically living who we truly are. Much of our lives are concerned with putting on airs. We have to become someone specific at our jobs. We try to be someone else with our children. We struggle to be who we truly are in our relationships. All because we want that love, acceptance, and maybe a raise.
Read more here.

hat tip Glenn Reynolds

Are you ready for male birth control?

Glenn Reynolds links to an article by Tanya Basu at Mens Health indicating that male birth control might be just around the corner.

Unmasking for political espionage, Dreamers, the Wall

Progressives and Bush Republicans want to define what it is to be an American by removing borders and sovereignty!

One of the biggest mistakes Reagan made was amnesty, because border security never happened.

Callers to Laura's program were disappointed in Trump yesterday, after Pelosi and Schumer went right to the microphones after their meeting with Trump and implied that there would be no wall. Laura believes that if border wall funding is not made part of this DACA funding, it will never happen.

30,500 people tried to come into America across our southwest border in August. Numbers went down right after the election, but now they are back up again. Mickey Kaus was a guest on today's show. He explained in more detail who are the Dreamers.

Susan Rice has previously said she is unaware of unmasking of Americans. Sara Carter from CIRCA News was a guest on the show talking about the unmasking of Americans by Obama officials. Laura says that's what happens in Russia, Pakistan and other totalitarian countries. Chairman Nunes has been exonerated for his concerns about unmasking for political espionage. 4th Amendment! Remember Susan Rice on the Sunday shows after Benghazi? Obama officials were trolling to find something on Trump campaign staffers.

"This fake racial war"

How we are allowing the media to divide us!

hat tip Ace

Swamp rules, Berkeley cops allowed to keep order, Harvard virtue signaling

Jesse Watters: Rule number one in the Swamp: When you get out of the meeting, be the first to go to the microphones or press to get your version out there first.

It looks like Berkeley police did their job last night on the occasion of Ben Shapiro giving a speech.

Raising the minimum wage caused a $1500 loss in yearly income for low-income workers in Seattle. Businesses cut hours, but they also cut corners in hygiene.

The Five discuss the Harvard decision to confer upon Chelsea Manning the title of "Visiting Fellow." Since this show aired, Harvard has decided not to name her Visiting Fellow," but she is still invited to speak.

swamp rules,

Where are the nonnegotiable principles?

A rather harsh analysis from Tucker Carlson tonight on Trump's "amnesty" deal with the Democrats. "President Trump is throwing away his only good bargaining chip by caving to Democratic demands on the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program without securing anything in return, Carlson said. Trump said Thursday that a border wall — the signature policy of his presidential campaign — will have to wait until after Congress passes amnesty for DACA recipients, a position Trump opposed during the campaign. If Trump doesn’t get funding for the wall now, Carlson said, it will never happen.

“The president seems confident it will work out in the end, but there’s no reason to be optimistic. The fate of DACA recipients is, by far, the biggest piece of leverage he ever will have. If he gives it away for free, none of his other immigration priorities, the priorities he ran on and won the presidency with, will even be considered. All those ‘border security’ measures you keep hearing about? They’re ridiculous, they mean nothing,” Carlson said. “And in any case, they’ll be rolled back instantly the next time a Democratic president wins. If this president doesn’t get funding for a wall now, it will never be built, period.”

“In Israel and Hungary, a wall has proven effective, and that is why Democrats oppose one on our border – not because it won’t work, but precisely because it will work. The Democratic Party has no interest in halting the flow of illegal immigrants, no matter how much it might hurt Americans who already live here. They’ve done the math. Democrats lost in 2016 because our middle class rejected them. That means they’ve got two options now. They can embrace the issues the middle class cares about or they can import an entirely new electorate from the third world and change the demographics of the U.S. so completely, they will never lose again. They are going with the latter option,” Carlson said, predicting that allowing illegals to vote will be a mainstream Democratic position within five years.

Carlson also hammered Republican leadership for not keeping their promises to their voters.

“Earlier this year, we spoke to [Speaker of the House Paul Ryan] on this show and he assured us the House would be working hard to fund the border wall. That was a lie, and not the only one the GOP leadership has told its voters,” he said.

“Nominally, Congress is controlled by Republicans, but on immigration, Democrats control the agenda. Why is that? Because Paul Ryan and many other corporate Republicans agree with them on every substantial point related to immigration. President Trump goes along with this because he wants a legislative victory badly and his party is incapable of giving him one. This arrangement cannot last forever. A party this out of sync with its own voters will collapse and splinter.”

Carlson noted that there is room for compromise on DACA in addition to securing funding for the border wall, and said that Republicans should implement a ban on chain migration via family reunification policies and require DACA recipients to give up their citizenship in all other countries.

“Of course there should be room for disagreement on immigration within the Republican Party, Carlson said, “but there ought to be some nonnegotiable principles at the center of it all: Borders are real. Citizenship matters. America comes first. If you can’t say any of that with a straight face and mean it and act on it, maybe you are in the wrong party.”


So, what's next in the Trump, Schumer, Pelosi DACA mess? At the Ace of Spades website, J.J. Sefton writes,
...the President must declare war on both parties, the Deep State and the media/academia/culture complex on behalf of the people who put him in office. If he is prevented from doing what we want, I can completely understand that so long as he went to the mattresses for us. But this deal making just for the sake of making a deal will be the bitter end, especially on this (the Obamacare non-repeal and tax reform is something else as well). Mr. President, you and we are at a crossroads. You can be the catalyst that begins the road back and go down as a national hero, or squander the last legitimate chance we will ever have to save this nation. Here and now. Choose.
Read more here

Equal not free

hat tip Oregon Muse

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mark Steyn dissects the "Language of Losing"

Mark Steyn writes a fabulous piece entitled The Language of Losing.
...Who's winning what turf? After 16 years of western military occupation, the Taliban control more territory in Afghanistan than at any time since the first US troops went in. On the other hand, after 16 years of accelerating Islamic immigration, Europe has more no-go zones, more sharia courts, more refugees, more covered women, more Muslim-dominated schoolhouses, more radical mosques, more female genital mutilation, more grooming and gang rape, more Muslim Brotherhood front groups, more Muslim mayors and legislators, more Muslim-funded Middle East Studies programs at universities ...and fewer churches, fewer Jews in Toulouse, fewer gays in Amsterdam, fewer unaccompanied women out after dark in German and Swedish cities, fewer historical representations of Mohammed in Continental museums, art galleries and scholarly books, fewer mixed bathing sessions at municipal swimming pools, fewer lessons on the Crusades and the Holocaust in European schools ...and less and less free speech in some of the oldest democracies on earth.
Read the whole thing here.

North Korea launches another missile over Japan!

Mike Murphy reports at Market Watch,
Japan has issued a shelter in place after North Korea fired another missile late Thursday, according to Japanese and South Korean news reports. The missile was reportedly launched from around the North Korean capitol, Pyongyang, and flew eastward over Japan. North Korea previously fired a ballistic missile over northern Japan on Aug. 28. This is the rogue nation's 13th missile test this year. Earlier Thursday, North Korea issued new threats, calling to "reduce the U.S. mainland into ashes" and saying Japan "should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb."

Update: More details available at Daily Mail

The President is not giving up on his priorities!

1.4 million Floridians were restored to power last night. 2.6 million still without power. Not much in the media about Texas or Florida now? Why? Because the recovery efforts are going well!

Rush is immediately suspicious when the drive-by media and Democratic Party are writing the script. The script is that Trump caved to Chuck and Nancy. When Trump and Melania landed in Fort Meyers Florida this morning, Trump reiterated, "We have to have the wall!" The Democrats and media are desperate to split Trump's voters away from him.

Republicans are like battered spouses who have been lied to many times. They expect it will happen again.

They thought it would cooperate!

Mark Hodge reports at The Sun,
A blood-sucking tick has sparked panic after it vanished at a news conference aimed at warning of the deadly disease it carries.

Officials from the Miyazaki Prefectural Government brought the live beast along with a dead insect to the event in southwest Japan.

But when the dangerous tick was laid out on a table it managed to scuttle away prompting a dramatic search which failed to recover the arachnid.

The room was then showered with insecticide in a bid to stop the fanged beast.

Miyazaki Governor Shunji Kono apologized for the embarrassing incident today.

He said: “We should have been more careful about safety management as the prefecture is in a position to alert its people.

The news conference was held after several residents were struck down with thrombocytopenia syndrome, or SFTS, which the tick carries, reports the Japan Times.

The slippery tick reportedly vanished when an official tried to pick it up with tweezers.
Read more here.

The art of being suckered?

Kurt Schlichter believes Trump got suckered by Chuck Schumer.
Welcome to the "evil" part of "the lesser of two evils." Donald Trump was never the conservative ideologue many of us wanted in 2016, but he was the guy we needed in 2016 - the one thing standing between us and the very real risk of splitting the country apart that was a Hillary Clinton presidency. So, as The Donald jumps in the canoe with Chuck Schumer – who is laughing at him hysterically right now – we're experiencing the downside of playing a sub-par hand, and we're experiencing it good and hard.

The Never Trumpers, who by and large agree with the Smarmy Dope and the Elderly Establishment Ninja Turtle about rewarding the world’s oldest kids for breaking the law, are ecstatic because the most important thing for them is stamping out the GOP insurgency that brought Trump to power and imperils their sinecures inside Conservative, Inc. They are babbling about "betrayal" as if we’re surprised that Trump would do what he essentially hinted he would do all along – sadly, Trump always accepted the sob story policy premise underlying DACA.

So, though the haters like to personalize it, it's not so much that Trump is changing his position, because he’s always telegraphed that this was his position, but that he's being so stupid as to let Chuck Schumer make a fool out of him. He and Nancy Pelosi have dinner with him, then walk out and basically disrespected him in public in a way sure to turn his base against him. It was actually a brilliant move on the Dems’ part, in a volcano-lair supervillain kind of way.

And for some reason, Trump is just taking it. Maybe he really thinks Americans are dying for liberalism disguised as a bipartisan compromise. Until now, he has had a pretty good political sense. He beat Felonia von Pantsuit, despite all the overwhelming odds stacked against her in the form of opposition from the media, women, other progressives, and Russians, among the dozens of other culprits responsible for her defeat. But this Amnesty, Jr., move? It’s just stupid.

Is Trump really so wimpy as to let Chuckie channel Wimpy and actually buy into the Democrat con man’s "Give me amnesty now and I will gladly pay you back, with all sorts of unspecified border security stuff, Tuesday" scam? It kind of looks like he is – how can Trump not see that Tuesday will never, ever come? To carry the cartoon metaphor forward, Charlie Brown’s tried to kick that football before, and it always gets pulled away, and now he’s lying over there in traction with multiple popped discs. Lesson One for every Republican, which every Republican seems incapable of learning, is to not be Charlie Brown.

There’s a deal to be made here, and you hold all the cards, Mr. President. Are you going to make it, or are you going to roll over? Because what we saw isn't the art of the deal. This is the art of being suckered.
Read more here.

"Anyone who believes that is a fool!"

There is a rumor that Trump caved on the wall. Don Surber writes, "Anyone who believes that is a fool!" Read more here.

Protecting our national security

Shane Savitsky reports at Axios,
President Trump has blocked a Chinese government-backed equity firm from purchasing Lattice Semiconductor Corp., an American semiconductor manufacturer, citing national security concerns, per Bloomberg.

The risks, according to the White House: "The Chinese government's role in supporting this transaction, the importance of semiconductor supply chain integrity to the United States government, and the use of Lattice products by the United States government."

It's only the fourth time in 25 years that a president has blocked a foreign purchase of an American company.

Why it matters: The move is reflective of the Trump administration's combative position toward China, especially where the economy overlaps with national security.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How Iran threatens journalists and their families

Adam Kredo reports in the Free Beacon,
Iran's clandestine spy network has been threatening and blackmailing scores of journalists, even going so far as to detain and threaten the family members of these reporters, in order to ensure positive coverage in global media outlets, according to a new report that estimates at least 50 international journalists have been threatened in just the past year.
Read more here.

Plucking North Koreans from the water!

Ira Stoll writes at The New York Sun,
What, though, about a different approach — instead of starving the North Koreans or nuking them, how about rescuing them by helping them escape?

The death blow to the Soviet Union, after all, came not with President Carter’s grain embargo or even with NATO’s deployment of Pershing II or Lance missiles in Western Europe, but with the opening of the borders of East Germany in November of 1989. Once the population was allowed to leave, the entire Soviet Communist empire came crashing down.

...South Korea, for its part, is wary of the costs of unification and of integrating a much poorer neighbor. (A little-known fact is that North Korea and Russia also share a short border; Vladimir Putin doesn’t seem to want the refugees, either.) That leaves America, traditionally the last resort of the world’s huddled masses.

When we’ve absorbed refugees from communism in the past, it’s generally worked out pretty well. Sergey Brin, who came from the Soviet Union, co-founded Google. Alex Kozinski, who came from Romania, wound up as chief judge on the U.S Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Ayn Rand, who also came from the Soviet Union, became a bestselling author. The parents of Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz fled Communist Cuba.

Just because fleeing overland to China or South Korea might be difficult doesn’t mean that escape is impossible. North Korea has long stretches of coastline along both the Yellow and Japan seas. As the examples of both the Mariel Boatlift and the Vietnamese Boat people show, the sea can be a fine escape route to freedom. There are precedents for this dating all the way back to the biblical Exodus, in which the children of Israel escaped Egypt via the Red Sea.

America is the world’s great naval power. Our ships can be used to pluck North Koreans from the water to safety or to provide cover to them as they leave the coast, just as readily as they can be used to bomb Pyongyang back to the stone age. (I believe it was Claudia Rosett who first planted this idea with me, though I mention this only so that I don’t fail to give her the appropriate credit, not so that she gets any blame for any flaws in my own articulation of it.)

Such a heroic effort would probably topple the North Korean dictatorship. It would certainly bring to America plenty of human talent intimately familiar with the evils of Communism. It would be a great achievement, if only the anti-immigrant crowd in Washington can get over their nativist anxieties for long enough to allow it to happen.
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Wearing the SPLC’s mud as a badge of honor

In today's Wall Street Journal, Carol Swain writes about the Southern Poverty Law Center.
...When Morris Dees and Joseph J. Levin Jr. started the SPLC in 1971, it was needed and it had noble goals. In recent years, however, it has become a tool of the radical left. Domestically, it uses its influence to paint with a broad brush that smears immigration restrictionists, orthodox Christian churches and pro-family organizations as “hate groups.”

...At the time, the law center was spending an inordinate amount of time attacking then-CNN host Lou Dobbs for his relentless focus on illegal immigration. It demanded that CNN fire the anchor. After CNN and Mr. Dobbs parted ways, the SPLC took credit for getting him off the air. I ended my post with a one-liner that raised the ire of the organization and had a devastating effect on my life. I wrote: “Rather than monitoring hate groups, the Southern Poverty Law Center has become one.” I wear the SPLC’s mud as a badge of honor because I know I am in the company of many good men and women who have been similarly vilified for standing for righteousness and truth. Other SPLC targets have included Ben Carson (who eventually received an apology and retraction), Somali refugee Ayaan Hirsi Ali, terrorism expert Steve Emerson, political scientist Guenter Lewy (who successfully sued the SPLC), attorney Robert Muise, Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, and Princeton professor Robert P. George. The SPLC has tagged Mr. George, a devout Catholic intellectual, as “anti-LGBT.”

...Whatever label the SPLC assigns, such smears are harmful and designed to destroy the individual’s credibility and ability to have influence in the public square.

Some of those vilified by the SPLC have been subjected to even worse treatment. The Family Research Council and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise have been violently attacked by individuals inspired by the propaganda the SPLC regularly dishes out—which is often accepted without criticism and passed on by media, law-enforcement agencies and universities.

The SPLC should not be dignified with invitations to provide congressional testimony about domestic extremism as long as it continues to advance a transparently partisan agenda—one Mr. Potok has publicly acknowledged is designed to “destroy” groups it opposes.
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Albuquerque Archdiocese releases names of church leaders accused of sexually abusing children

JR Oppenheim reports at KOB in Albuquerque,
In a letter released Tuesday, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe released a list of names of the religious leaders accused of sexually abusing a child.

The archdiocese released the list of 72 names after KOB went to court asking a judge to make the allegations public. A ruling on that request is still pending.
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"PR-style hooey"

Mickey Kaus writes in the Chicago Tribune,
...a lot of what's said about the DACA recipients is PR-style hooey.

For example, it's often said — indeed, former President Barack Obama just recently said — that the approximately 800,000 of them were "brought to this country by their parents." Well, many were. But that's not required to qualify as a protected Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program recipient under the various plans, including Obama's. You just have to have entered the country illegally before age 16. You could have decided to sneak in against your parents' wishes. You're still a “Dreamer!”

Likewise, we're told DACA recipients are college-bound high school grads or military personnel. That's an exaggeration. All that's actually required is that the person enroll in a high school course or an "alternative," including online courses and English-as-a-second-language classes. Under Obama's now-suspended program, you didn't even have to stay enrolled.

Compared with the general population, DACA recipients are not especially highly skilled. A recent survey for several pro-”Dreamer” groups, with participants recruited by those groups, found that while most DACA recipients are not in school, the vast majority work. But their median hourly wage is only $15.34, meaning that many are competing with hard-pressed lower-skilled Americans.

Still, taking the DACA recipients as a whole, not just the dreamiest of them, they represent an appealing group of would-be citizens. So why not show compassion and legalize them? Because, as is often the case, the pursuit of pure compassion comes with harmful side effects.

First, it would create perverse incentives. Can you imagine a stronger incentive for illegal immigration than the idea that if you sneak into the country your kids will get to be U.S. citizens? Sure, the protections don't currently apply to recent entrants — under Obama's plan, you had to have come before 2007. But those dates can be changed — Obama himself tried to do it once. And the rationale for rewarding those who arrive when young — that they're here through "no fault of their own" and know only America, etc. — can apply on into the future, with no apparent stopping point. What about the poor kids who came in 2008? 2018? There's a reason no country has a rule that if you sneak in as a minor, you're a citizen. We'd be inviting the world.

Second, it would have knock-on effects. Under "chain migration" rules established in 1965 — ironically as a sop to conservatives, who foolishly thought that they'd boost European inflows — new citizens can bring in their siblings and adult children, who can bring in their siblings and in-laws, until whole villages have moved to the United States. That means today's DACA recipients would quickly become millions of newcomers, who may well be low-skilled and who would almost certainly include the parents who brought them — the ones who, in theory, are at fault.

...Trump's immigration crackdown, simply stepping up enforcement of current laws, is already helping to tighten the low end of the labor market and boost wages of low-skilled workers. News organizations are featuring stories from employers who aren't getting their usual supply of workers in the U.S. illegally and are forced to take radical measures — such as raising wages. Proof of this connection, in the public mind, may be what terrifies the pro-immigration lobby the most.
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